Do you have a fond or unforgettable memory of the Singapore Night Festival? 

To enable us to better understand the value propositions of the festival over 12 years, please share your precious memories with us. 

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My first visit to SNF was in 2008 and I went with some friends from overseas. All of us were impressed by the performance by Studio Festi with a nice backdrop of the National Museum, it was not in August though. I still visited the festival annually until last year looking forward to a different type of arts installation and performance. It is getting more and more difficult to enjoy the festival, especially on weekends, the crowds made the whole process a long and sweaty ones. Otherwise, it is a very nice way to walk and enjoy the Civic District area.


I love visiting the festival every year because it transforms the city streets and buildings and bring them to life! Where and when else would you be able to encounter acrobatics and fire stunts, as well as large creatures stomping down the street? Not to mention the gravity defying stunts. The festival is also a chance to discover local talents especially music acts at smu green or the substation area. I hope the festival returns in 2021 to inject some wonder and creativity into our city!


I look forward to the Singapore Night Festival every year because I like how the lights and outdoor performance acts transform the buildings and the roads. I remember the Anooki lights on the museum building most. I look forward to the festival returning next year and bringing my young children to be fascinated by the creativity of the festival!


I went to the festival with my friends and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I like how the buildings seem to come alive with the lights and music and the vibrant installations that add so much life to our city 😊


The stunning installations and performances never fail to amaze me every year, which made me look forward to this event. The projection mapping that magically transformed a museum's facade is my favourite. I can stand in front of the Museum and watch the projection repeat many times. I picked up photography as a hobby 1 year ago and i visited at least 3 times for photoshoot. Some of the best display that caught my attention are Whisper, Dome and Intergalactic Dreams. This year due to Covid-19, i am sure many will feel disappointed just like me. I look forward to the new installation and performances next year.

Bryan Goh

During Singapore Night Festival 2018, I was part of the SMU Arts and Cultural Management Programme’s Design (Re)Imagined project, where we transformed a walkway at the National Design Centre into a booth to engage visitors on their perceptions of design and what they would like to see in their design centre. It was my first time being part of the Singapore Night Festival as more than just an audience/visitor, and it made the experience much more memorable because of the extensive preparation involved. To ensure that our booth would appeal to visitors, especially alongside the many light installations and performances in the festival, we put up (far too) many fairy lights and honeycomb balls to decorate the walkway. Having to work with the physical requirements and regulations of the space, much effort and thought was put into enabling what we envisioned to come to life, and it was extremely gratifying to see people stop by the walkway to take pictures and participate in the activities we designed as part of the experience. While it was sometimes exhausting to continually talk to people, there were numerous visitors who made the experience interesting and meaningful by genuinely engaging in conversation with us and shared with us not just their thoughts on design and the design centre, but also their night festival experience.

Carissa Lim

I recall fondly watching the german wheel performance with my girlfriend. I wish there were better angles to view that performance as the surrounding area was mostly flat ground. Hence I am grateful and in awe for all the aerial / high element performances , especially one which had a cloth dome covering the audience and performers came in and out of the dome from above. The night festival also had the Grapple Max showcase, which was really interactive and fun to watch.


I recall fondly watching an international duo using a giant circus wheel to perform and navigate among the crowd near SMU & the National Museum of Singapore. It was also one of my most memorable dates as my date (now boyfriend) first held me close as we were watching the performance. During another year, I really enjoyed the live human vending machines around the Singapore Art Museum! They were all so good and ghoulish and goofy. I also love the live music stage that happens along Armenian Street during the road closure, and when the museums are all open late at night! Now without the road there, I wonder if that stretch would still be part of the future SNF.

Hui Ying

One of my fav memories was watching the Grapplemax shows since it was not the norm to see a pro-wrestling match at a festival! It was entertaining and fun, sitting and cheering on as I watched them.

Maisarah Abu Samah

One of my most memorable experiences at the Singapore Night Festival was in 2017 when Grapple Max put up their Pro Wrestling Showdown. I had recently joined them and was roped in to help out as crew. It was amazing to see the crowd gather around the Pit at the SMU Campus Green heartily cheering (and booing!) the talented athletes that I would soon count as some of my closest friends. During the last match, I was assigned to be a stagehand, and took my position at the side of the wrestling mat. The action was fast and furious, and at one point the (huge) Japanese wrestler Dick Togo grabbed his opponent and sent him flying in my direction! Luckily, I had the wherewithal to dodge out of the way, otherwise, I wouldn't be sending you this today!

Makoto Kawaguchi

I’ve gone to the SG night festival several times, but my strongest memory of SNF is from the very first time I attended it with my family back in 2008. I remember all of us being amazed, looking up at dancers floating in the sky - a quick Google search tell me its “The Dancing Sky” programme- and walking through crowds, making sure my grandparents aren’t left too far behind. Now, it has become something that my friends and I look forward to. We go for the lights, the vibes, to take pretty photos and always have a good time. Pretty bummed its not happening this year but definitely looking forward to the next one :-)


Around 2 years ago, I heard that some festival was being held right across the street around school, so went to check it out with a group of friends, and that happened to be SNF. May be a bit trivial, but I actually found the balloons set up in front of the venues quite nice, and I really enjoyed that whole 'night festival-ish' atmosphere. Then, I remember heading to NMS where they had some jellyfish light installation, and just chilling at the front lawn. It has only been a month or so since I've arrived here, but I think through the festival experience, I started to get more fond of the BBB area.


I remember looking outside from my school's library during the Singapore Night Festival (SNF). I see many families and young children enjoying themselves, getting fascinated by the installations and projection mappings. SNF is truly a festival that brings joy and vibrancy into the lives of Singaporeans.


I think one of my favourite memories from Singapore Night Festival is being able to perform pro-wrestling there under GrappleMAX in 2017 and 2018. It was really a privilege being able to give pro-wrestling more exposure to a wider audience! 2018 was especially wacky when we pulled off our Pro-Wrestling Arcade Edition. Concepts we thought were never possible in a standard pro-wrestling show.

Remus Koh

I remember my first Singapore Night Festival in 2012 where I had no expectations going in. While the sole intention was to catch The Observatory, Tiramisu and Spacedays (fantastic lineup) at The Substation, I was met with the electrifying pulse of the entire Armenian Street being energized by the other programmes as well. There was something happening at every nook and cranny in the area. It was a new feeling of excitement - re(presenting) a familiar space in a new light. That experience shaped my perspective of the Singapore Night Festival.

Nigel Lopez